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Unplugged Hotel Rotterdam

A hotel run by technology but driven by people

We believe a check-in should be fast. So we made it faster. We’ve skipped the lobby guy, we forgot about the bellboy and dismissed the dressed-up staff. By making smart use of technology, we make things easy and time-saving for the metropolitan traveller.

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Hotel Unplugged

Technology driven

We have made things easier by using technology in our hotel. Our smart hotel saves our guests time to enjoy the city. We like to make sure it works to the best of its ability, and only where it adds value to a personal experience.

Design focused

The focus in the rooms is on the exceptionally comfortable beds and unique designs of the bathrooms. Things that truly define the experience of our guests, as the rooms should be as convenient as it possibly can.

Next level comfort

Anticipating well to our customers’ needs so they are never in need. The Next Generation expects a new kind of traveling, so we introduce a new kind of comfort. Our rooms are designed for our guests to fully recharge after a long day of exploring the city.

Drown in your bed and sleep under your shower

Our rooms have everything you need and nothing you don't. We've eliminated the space you won't actually use during your stay and kept the essenstials; comforting extra-large cinema beds with ecological, cloud-like sheets, and uniquely designed bathrooms

The Standard

For the huggers, the sharers and the lovers. Small rooms for small budgets, but don’t be fooled by the possibilities. The rooms might be compact, but the comfort and rest you’ll experience are enormous. And the only flammable thing in the room is you.

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The Superior

Ideal for those who love to share a room, but need the extra space because you’re travelling with your friend-zoned bestie.

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The Standard Plus

The ones who create such chemistry together need a cosy sit corner to unwind from their activities now and then. And, for the unlikely event that you swiftly have to do some work, the room also offers a small desk area.

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The Superior Plus

For the happy few. Or the ones who have something to celebrate in style. Or those who need the extra space for a pillow fight. Or, well, you got the message.

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010 is more than just a code

A place where dreams come true after you’ve worked around the clock, with your hands on a drill, your feet on a shovel and your face in the mud. That’s what this city is made of. A raw place with proud people and a strong, worker mentality.

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010 is more than just a code


  • “Delightfully enjoyed our short trip to Rotterdam, thanks in part to our stay at this hotel. Very friendly service that immediately makes you feel very welcome. When we arrived, we were offered a coffee and the staff was very helpful with the check-in and check-out. Very nice and also unique rooms. That's all you need for a short but wonderful stay. We enjoyed it immensely.”

    Maxine March 21st 2022