The 6 Coolest Restaurants and Bars in Rotterdam

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Fancy an adventurous, culinary journey through the beating heart of Rotterdam? Then Unplugged is the place to be. We have compiled the ultimate shortlist of the 6 coolest places where you can let your taste buds run wild during your stay at Hotel Unplugged. Read on!


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Why Rotterdam is the Ultimate City Trip Destination

Hotel Unplugged, located in the heart of this dynamic metropolis, is full of raw energy and passion. We are inspired by the city and its people. Rotterdam is a place where you can pursue your dreams, where you are encouraged to step off the beaten path, and where innovation and creativity thrive.

At Hotel Unplugged, we strive to capture that essence. We want to provide not just a place to stay, but an experience that takes you deep into the heart of Rotterdam. Our hotel is infused with the spirit of the city, from our eclectic design to our local recommendations. We want you to feel, taste and experience Rotterdam the way proud Rotterdammers do.

So, expect more than just a room at Hotel Unplugged. Expect an adventure infused with the energy of Rotterdam itself. Welcome to 010, where dreams come true.

Wolly aan de Waterkant

At Wolly, the perfect place for a laid-back afternoon with your friends, culinary adventure is combined with stunning views of the water. Be enchanted by the modern menu.

View Wolly

Wolly aan de Waterkant


Be surprised by DiepNoord, a great culinairy experience in a stylish ambiance that will take your taste buds to the next level. An absolute must-visit!

View Diepnoord


Bar Berta

At Bar Berta, you will be immersed in the delicious world of Spanish tapas. Taste the flavors of the Mediterranean! A flavorful experience awaits you.

Discover Bar Berta

Rotterdam - om de hoek van hotel Unplugged

Restaurant Putaine

Elegance with a twist. Get ready for a culinary experience. This is fine dining without the hassle. *personal favorite.

Discover Putaine

Restaurant Putaine

Ballroom Rotterdam

Shake it up! Go for those fancy cocktails and the insane bites. The perfect place to start your evening.... or end it.

View Ballroom Rotterdam

Ballroom Rotterdam

Casa Thai

Get spicy! Authentic Thai flavors in a modern twist. Their Pad Thai? To die for, really.

Discover Casa Thai

Are you ready for an unforgettable food tour of Rotterdam? Stay in our centrally located and truly Rotterdam-style hotel and explore these amazing hotspots just a stone's throw away. Go on an adventure!

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Casa Thai - papaya salad


  • “We appreciated that due to change of plans we were able to check in a bit earlier. The room was small but otherwise practical, e.g. there was space to put your luggage under the bed when not in use. Really liked the design of the entire room, especially the bathroom. Comfy bed, TV with Netflix and good speakers.”

    Pinterari March 19th 2023

  • “Good if basic hotel if you're prioritising location which was great - 10 minutes from Rotterdam Centraal and within walking distance of most of the tourist destinations. Compact but functional space.”

    Irene March 12th 2023

  • “Clean room with beautiful color scheme. Bed and pillows were very comfortable, I slept very well. Also, breakfast was very very good! Highly recommend!”

    Jovana June 15th 2022

  • “Delightfully enjoyed our short trip to Rotterdam, thanks in part to our stay at this hotel. Very friendly service that immediately makes you feel very welcome. When we arrived, we were offered a coffee and the staff was very helpful with the check-in and check-out. Very nice and also unique rooms. That's all you need for a short but wonderful stay. We enjoyed it immensely.”

    Maxine March 21st 2022

  • “Really enjoyed my stay at the hotel. The rooms are amazing, and the design of the in-suite bathtub is very unique and enjoyable. The location is also great as it was in the city center but in a quiet area. From the staff, i got aquainted with Stan and he was super friendly and helpful whenever anything was needed. Thanks for a lovely stay.”

    Lama January 20th 2021

Weekend in Rotterdam

Will a weekend be enough to do everything I want to do in Rotterdam? Will a weekend be enough to do everything I want to do in Rotterdam?

Well, that's up to you. If you rush through all the activities then yes, for sure. But why would you? You are on holiday. 

Just imagine that we'll be here for your next weekend trip to Rotterdam.

I am vegan, will Rotterdam have things to offer me? I am vegan, will Rotterdam have things to offer me?

Yes of course. How about dinner at the Rozey? or a burger at the Vegan Junk Food Bar just around the corner? Rotterdam has got you covered with many nice places to go for vegan food.

What is the best way to travel to Rotterdam? What is the best way to travel to Rotterdam?

By train! Find your connection via or if you are traveling from abroad via NS international.

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